Karen Swenholt presents Grace to Bono at the United States Senate.

Acquisition and Commissions


Commissioning Art

Karen Swenholt will be glad to design and build specially commissioned work for public institutions and private individuals. Please contact her through the Guest Book to discuss concepts and requirements for your commission.

Acquiring Art

Almost every work of art found on this site is available in bronze and cast resin. Though several sculptures are immediately available, most are cast when ordered.  Please check availablilty of a desired sculpture by emailing ks@karenswenholt.com or through the Guest Book on this webpage. Payments can be made directly through this website. To do so please see Payment Options.
The time honored lost wax casting process for each Bronze limited edition sculpture takes approximately two to six months with the exception of large sculptures, which may take longer.

Each limited edition Cast Resin Sculpture strengthened with steel takes three to six weeks.

Original terracottas are very valuable and though most have steel inserts for strength, they are still too fragile to ship. They may be available at a gallery near you and most work can be molded and reproduced in cast bronze or marble faithfully.

Please tell us if you have time restraints regarding your acquisition. We will do our best to meet your requirements.

Studio Visits

If you plan travel to Washington DC or live in the area, please contact Karen Swenholt Sculpture to make arrangements to visit her studio.