"Fundamentally Swenholt makes use of allegory, metaphor, allusion, myth and that vernacular of Romanticism championed by William Blake and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but the artist is not looking backward.... While reinterpreting certain aspects of the Western canon that were hotly tested during the last several decades, Swenholt presents art as a fresh message of hope and solace for a world threatened by turbulence, destruction, and angst."

Teresia Bush of the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC

“Swenholt has a rare talent of drawing the viewer into a three-way conversation- whether between two sculptural figures within the work itself; or between the viewer and the artist’s thoughts and passion behind the work… Her sculptures make a perfect balance between intellectual integrity and emotional strength.”

Jerry Eisley, director of Washington Arts Group

Swenholt’sProdigal Son “is exquisite-beyond words . . . .The humility and passion of God is frozen in that moment for our meditation and contemplation.”

Don Williams, Coastal Vineyard Ministries

“Swenholt renders figures in energetic, highly stylized forms that recall the earthy dynamism of Rodin and the skeletal surrealism of Giacometti. . . . In her best pieces Swenholt manages to hold the rational and irrational in fruitful suspension so that her forms assume the surreal authority of dreams, revelations and spiritual encounters.”

Glenn McNatt, art critic for the Baltimore Sun